Half A Sixpence (theatre review) ★★★★☆

HALF A SIXPENCE is currently running at the NOEL COWARD THEATRE (London)   Half A Sixpence is the story of Arthur Kipps, a working class young man from Folkstone employed at a gentleman's outfitters. By a stroke of luck, he discovers that he has inherited a wealthy fortune from an estranged relative, turning his life… Continue reading Half A Sixpence (theatre review) ★★★★☆


Alan Bennett’s Diaries LIVE (film review) ★★★★☆

ALAN BENNETT'S DIARIES LIVE was broadcast in cinemas across the UK on 16/11/2016, followed by a live Q&A with the writer at his local library in Primrose Hill.   This 70-minute documentary takes a candid look into the life and mind of Alan Bennett, following him to New York, where he shot to fame in… Continue reading Alan Bennett’s Diaries LIVE (film review) ★★★★☆

Pride & Prejudice, with 2 actors (play review) ★★★★★

PRIDE & PREJUDICE (a Two Bit Classics production) toured the UK until 25/11 and has now arrived at London’s off-West End studio, the JERMYN STREET THEATRE, for the run-up to Christmas 21 characters, 2 actors and 1 of the most romantic stories of all time... This show is truly a delight. Joannah Tincey and Nick… Continue reading Pride & Prejudice, with 2 actors (play review) ★★★★★

Napoleon Dynamite, 2004 (film review)

Napoleon Dynamite is an off the wall, bizarre comedy set in Idaho which follows the misadventures of Napoleon (John Heder), a fuzzy-haired, uncharismatic teenage boy, his equally strange family and his friend, Pedro (Efrem Ramirez). Although billed as a comedy, there are no punchlines, no carefully crafted verbal or visual jokes - its humour stems purely from… Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite, 2004 (film review)

Antigone & Lysistrata (play review) ★★★☆☆

This year's famed Cambridge Greek Play was a double bill of Sophocles' Antigone and Aristophanes' Lysistrata, which ran from 12/10 - 15/10. Sophocles' tragedy is a powerful tale of loyalty and familial bonds, and the difficult juxtaposition of the contemporary laws of the state versus those of the gods. It has remained popular, with its core themes… Continue reading Antigone & Lysistrata (play review) ★★★☆☆

Cymbeline (play review) ★★★★★

CYMBELINE by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE will transfer to the BARBICAN THEATRE from 31/10- 17/11 performed by the ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY The RSC's 2016 production of Shakespeare's Cymbeline is a gender-swapping, Brexit-inspired marvel. The Director, Melly Still, breathes new life into this often criticised and under-appreciated play, one which George Bernard Shaw dismissed as “stagey trash of… Continue reading Cymbeline (play review) ★★★★★

Rhiannon Reviews 80s films: Heathers (1988)

In this new series of reviews, I will be revisiting 1980s film classics as well as some lesser known works; and what better film to start with than Heathers? Nearly 25 years on, Daniel Waters's screenplay remains a cult classic - dark, funny, surreal, and above all... "very". Heathers is set in Westenburg High School, Ohio,… Continue reading Rhiannon Reviews 80s films: Heathers (1988)