Pride & Prejudice, with 2 actors (play review) ★★★★★


PRIDE & PREJUDICE (a Two Bit Classics production) toured the UK until 25/11 and has now arrived at London’s off-West End studio, the JERMYN STREET THEATRE, for the run-up to Christmas

21 characters, 2 actors and 1 of the most romantic stories of all time…

This show is truly a delight. Joannah Tincey and Nick Underwood breathe new life into Austen’s most famous novel, retaining the romance of Darcy and Elizabeth’s courtship and the wry humour of the novel while avoiding the temptation to descend into caricature or parody. There is never confusion as to whom the actors are portraying as each of the 21 characters has some defining prop or vocal tick. For instance, Mrs. Bennet produces a handkerchief from her bosom to wave and gesticulate with at every opportunity; Mr. Bennet has his pipe; and Kitty, played charmingly by Underwood, has a persistent cough which articulates her every sentence. They use minimal scenery, hardly any costume changes and a handful of props, yet Tincey and Underwood transport the audience convincingly into the midst of every scene. The story of Pride and Prejudice still remains comfortingly familiar to those who already know it, yet Tincey’s adaption breathes new life into it too. The dialogue and narrative are substantially cut down from the novel, yet every necessary facet and nuance seem to have been included; it is rare that a novel such as Pride and Prejudice is so foreshortened in adaptation but does not leave the feeling that something is lacking.

Underwood and Tincey are a husband and wife duo, which may account for the palpable chemistry between them as they play Darcy and Elizabeth. This production will truly make you fall back in love with arguably Austen’s greatest novel – and then laugh, and cry a little, and want to watch the production again and again.


Mrs Bennet (Joannah Tincey) and Mr Bennet (Nick Underwood)




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